Thursday, April 28, 2011

An NFL Draft Worth Remembering

It’s been coming a long time. And this week it hit: NFL legal battles. The upshot is that we are ending up with uncertainty the likes that modern football has never seen. For most of us it is the excitement of the game that draws us to football. Well, this year that thrill is happening off the field too. Talk about unpredictable!!!

The lockout has tied the hands of the teams and enlarged their needs so much that it is anybody’s guess as to what could come down! But really, this takes football down to it’s bottom line, something we all understand: football! It will be full of basic questions like what is his record and how can he help our team?

The labor struggles have made us all uncertain about football but the irony is that this very fact is what excites us in the first place. In the midst of the turmoil we will have one of the most memorable drafts anyone can remember.

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